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 Hello and welcome to my bio page.  If you want to know a little more about me, read on. Have a question for me?  Send me an e-mail at!

I love to hear from my readers!

Do you need to know my birthdate for an upcoming competition?

I do not give out that information, but I can help you with confirming rights to use my materials. Please e-mail me.

Some Questions I Am Frequently Asked:

How Did You Get Into Writing?  What did you do before you were a writer?

I have loved to read, write, and draw pictures since I was a little girl.  I went to college in Southern California and earned a degree in animation, then was lucky enough to spend twelve years at Walt Disney Feature Animation, where I worked as a storyboard artist and later (briefly) as a director.  Movies I worked on include: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tarzan, Atlantis, and The Emperer's New Groove.

In 2004 I earned an MFA in writing for children and young adults from Vermont College.  I left Disney to pursue writing full time.  SHARK GIRL was published in 2007. Z IS FOR MOOSE was published in 2012, and FORMERLY SHARK GIRL in 2014.

Do you have more books coming out?

Yes, I do!  A new MOOSE book will be out in 2014. And once again, it will be illustrated by the amazing,award-winning Paul O. Zelinsky.  Stay tuned!

What do you like to do?

I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, writing, photography and movies!

Where did you get the idea for SHARK GIRL? 

Please see story on the right.

What made you want to write the sequel to SHARK GIRL?

My readers!  Over the years, countless readers have written to me, asking many questions about Jane.  They wanted to know: Did she choose to become a nurse or an artist?  Does she ever see Max again?  Does she stay friends with Justin?  Does she ever go back to the ocean?

After so many requests, I finally realized that my readers would welcome a sequel, so I set out to answer their questions.  I hope they are happy with the continuation of Jane's story.  Thank to you everyone who wanted more!
Where did you get the idea? Is the book fictional? Is Jane a real person?

This book is fictional.  Jane is fictional.  Many of my readers think perhaps SHARK GIRL is my own story and that I am Jane, but that is not true.  Many think my story is based on Bethany Hamilton's real-life shark attack, but that is not true, either.

I got this idea in the summer of 2001, when there were so many shark attacks happening around the country that the media dubbed it, "the summer of the shark." 

I thought about all the attack victims, some who had died, others who had lost arms or feet or suffered various wounds.  I wondered what it would be like to lose a part of yourself so vital that you couldn't imagine going on without it. I wondered how difficult it would be to suffer through such a loss while having the media broadcast it all over the news.  I imagined how hard it would all be, and wanted to write the story to see just how a person would work through finding their way back to a normal life.

I began writing rough passges, and Jane came to me....almost fully formed. Her voice took over and I found myself following her lead.

It took a long time and a lot of writing and a lot of dead ends and thrown-away pages, but eventually, SHARK GIRL was completed in September, 2003.

Immediately afterwards, Bethany Hamiltion suffered a real life shark attack eerily similar to the fitcional one in this book. I decided to put the book aside for a long time because I did not want anyone to think I had fictionalized what happened to her.  Eventually, SHARK GIRL was published.  Many people still think this was inspired or based on Bethany Hamiltion, but that is not true. 
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